DDM offers scalable supply chain solutions including procurement outsourcing services, supply chain diversification, sourcing and production transfer within China and beyond

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DDM International is a procurement company that has almost 20 years of experience in sourcing services, large-scale purchasing as well as manufacturing and engineering expertise. We support our global clients by delivering scalable end-to-end procurement and purchasing services. Whether you are looking for a China sourcing agent to buy directly from China or are pursuing a China-Plus-One strategy, we are your reliable partner on the ground. We are not only a China sourcing company and a China sourcing agent. We also provide extensive sourcing services and supplier identification research throughout Southeast Asia, Mexico, and many other emerging markets where our clients are looking to reduce costs while maintaining a high product quality standard.
We represent our clients’ interests in their chosen sourcing markets.
We ensure:
Our clients find and procure the product or part they require,
Establish and maintain productive and efficient supplier relationships, and
Their chosen suppliers maintain the utmost levels of product quality.
We are not just a China sourcing company. With global coverage and local expertise, coupled with a vast database of vendors across Asia and the Americas, DDM International will find the ideal supplier and represent our client’s global supplier and product quality interests.

Our Strengths

20 Years Experience
• Founded in 2004
• Local business and cultural expertise
Quality Expertise
• Quality assurance: Inspections, audits and other QC services
• Dedicated engineers
Global Coverage
• Offices in China, South & Southeast Asia, US & Europe
• Worldwide network
Customer Focus
• We represent your interests
• Dedicated account management

Our Network

Latin & North America
Los Angeles
South Asia
South-East Asia
Noida, New-Delhi
Ho Chi Minh

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we hear most often from our clients.

If you do not see your question below, please contact us using contact form or call one of our offices.

We source any product from commodity items to customized parts and components. However, our main areas of expertise are industrial parts and components; e.g. die-casting, casting, molds & parts, plastic injections, high precision machining parts, motors, electric parts & components, electronics.

    Do you represent any factory?

No. We represent our clients and their interests. We act as your overseas purchasing office and quality department. We are a supplier-independent global sourcing company and we have NEVER accepted commission from manufacturers. Our mission is to find your ideal supplier and ensure they deliver according to your specs and requirements.

    How long does it take to qualify a new supplier?

To qualify a new supplier normally takes about 2 weeks. The process includes not only identifying the new manufacturer but also conducting a background investigation, registration document check and an on-site visit, if requried.

    Is China the only country you source from?

No. Our business started in China because of its vast industrial base and traditionally low labor costs. Over the years we have developed an on-the ground presence and local language and cultural understanding in Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico and the United States. Those are our core countries. Our network is continually expanding so if your preferred alternative to China is not mentioned above, we will work with you transparently about our capabilities and limitations.

    Do you have a catalog of the products you source?

We do not have a catalog of the products we have worked with. We are not a trading company and do not sell specific consumer products or commodities. We are a supply chain and procurement outsourcing company that focuses on emerging markets sourcing and developing products according to each client’s specific request.

    Do you have a minimum order amount?

The minimum order value is $10,000 however certain industries, services and growth prospects enable us to accept a lower initial value on a case by case basis.

    What protection do we have against copying our product?

The first step in any partnership is to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement whereby we agree not to sell or disclose information about our client’s products.

    I’m an innovator or I have an idea for a brand-new product. How you can help me?

We receive many inquiries from creators who have an idea for a new product and looking for a product development support. We have a qualified team of R&D, product development engineers, and product optimization engineers who can help you to bring your new ideas to life. We can support you from the initial concept stage through to prototyping and eventually oversee mass production.

    How much is your purchasing products or procurement service fee?

We provide a scalable service fee based on each client’s purchasing volume which can either be calculated as a percentage of order value or as a fixed product price.

    What is your service fee for supplier or country research?

Each day of research costs US$300. The number of days required will depend on client’s particular requirements.

    How can I get started?

Contact us to discuss your project. Please ensure to provide as much information about your product including but not limited to specifications, drawings, monthly or annual volume and packaging details. The more detailed information you provide, the faster we can move forward with your required services.

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DDM offers scalable supply chain solutions including procurement outsourcing services, supply chain diversification, sourcing and production transfer within China and beyond.
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